From consultancy and plan­ning to system oper­a­tion – All from a single source
Rain­water, grey­water and black­water are resources for water, energy and nutrients.
Water recyc­ling and nutri­ents recovery

Wastewater is a resource for water, energy and nutri­ents. Our aim is to avoid wastewater to a large extent, reduce it and recycle it.

Heat recovery

More heat is lost via a 15 cm wastewater pipe than via 1000 m² well-insu­lated building envelope. With decent­ral­ized heat recovery from grey­water, this heat gap can be closed.

Rain­water management

No two projects are identical. Dependent on the loca­tion, rain­water can be util­ised to produce high-quality drinking water or as a non-potable water source in build­ings, industry, for cooling purposes, irrig­a­tion or only for infiltration.

Consultancy and system operation

The most severe errors usually occur at the beginning of the plan­ning process. We consult and plan inde­pendent of manu­fac­turer. Consult us at an early stage in your project.

Process and oper­a­tion optimisation

Accurate monit­oring is a crucial require­ment for resource effi­ciency and lower oper­ating costs. We optimise the oper­a­tion for industry as well as for public and private clients.

Research & development 

For our indus­trial clients as well as project part­ners from diverse national and inter­na­tional research projects we are a competent and reli­able cooperation partner since many years.

With us — ecology and economy is no contradiction!